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Pixelmack presents: Alvarado Hospital Emergency Room banner

Alvarado Hospital asked us to help them advertise their emergency room services to local San Diego commuters. Alvarado wanted to focus on the fact that their emergency room was easy to get to and had top notch services. The hospital also wanted the banner to be the flagship of their new “FASTER. BETTER” advertising campaign.

The project presented two unique challenges: first, the banner was an odd shape (vertical at 40 x 24 feet, as opposed to conventional horizontal banner and billboard size of 14 x 48 feet). Second, the bottom 1/3 of the ad space was obscured from view by concrete highway dividers and trees, and was only visible to foot traffic. We designed the banner to be useful from either perspective by placing the ER message and easily-recognized ambulance at the top and reserving the detailed information for the bottom.

Alvarado hospital banner distance

Pixelmack Presents: Team Impact Logo Redesign

We got the call to redesign a logo for Alvarado Hospital’s new “Team Impact,” which is a team of techies in charge of transferring medical data from analog files into an electronic database (The logo would be used for team apparel, internal announcements and advertising). The challenge was representing data transfer in a novel way; the logo had to be unique enough to get attention while retaining the original’s overall feel and color palette.

Here’s the original logo…

The original logo (created by Alvarado’s previous designer) had a few problems that needed to be addressed to make it ready for multi-media use. The cracks didn’t translate well to small scale (i.e. web) usage, and the circle’s drop shadow was inconsistent with its inner shadow. The font selection was also inconsistent with Alvarado branding. Finally, the hospital didn’t have a vector version of the logo, only an old .jpg file (at 72 dpi) making it impossible to use for print.

And the redesigned logo

The new logo highlights both its medical nature (the medical symbol) and the flow of analog information going in, and digital data coming out (represented by the arrow illusion) without losing the required blue sphere (the blue of the medical symbol which looks like a circle at first glance). We brought the text up to speed by incorporating Alvarado’s current logo font and pms color palette. The elimination of gradients and drop shadows means consistent results for both web and print media applications.

The new logo works well with apparel…

The shirts came out nicely with a slightly altered color palette. The negative space effects created by the arrows is nicely highlighted by the shirt’s color and material.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine Business Card Redesign

We are pleased to present the new business cards for The Journal of Sexual Medicine. The Journal needed their cards redesigned and shipped to members in 6 countries in time for their annual meeting being held in Korea. The previous cards were single-sided and, due to the large amount of information, hard to read and understand; the Journal editors requested that we simplify the content, allowing for easy comprehension. While the cards had to maintain current branding standards, the editors wanted the new design to make an impression on the members and other researchers in the field.

The back of the card continues the red and black theme of the Journal cover

Both sides of the card are consistent with the use of the red border

The current Journal that the card design was based upon

Nude Body Art Promotes Cancer Awareness

Are you obsessed with the right things? The Breast Cancer Foundation of Singapore is challenging women to examine their priorities through these arresting yet classy nude ads.  The ads suggest that women should focus on their internal health and have their breasts checked, rather than obsessing about their pimples, bad hair days and the fit of their jeans…

We think it’s pretty cool when body art can make a strong statement while remaining tasteful, especially when applied to something as scary as breast cancer. The best part about the ad is that despite targeting women, it grabs male attention and generates discussion between both sexes. Genius.


Featured artist – Goran Tomcic

Originally from Split, Croatia, Goran Tomcic is a mixed-media artist living in Berlin. We at Pixelmack have had the pleasure of working with this amazing artist, and we love his fresh, inspiring work. Goran is one of those artists whose pieces make you take a step back and reassess your surroundings; Using thousands (even millions)  of holographic stickers, he creates a three-dimensional effect that transports the viewer to another world, where even the darkest recesses are filled with light.

Goran creates his masterpieces by painstakingly (he describes it as obsessively) adding layer upon layer until the shimmering effect is so deep that it becomes disorienting, similar to staring down at water as it flows across sand on a beach.  Perhaps the most amazing part is Goran’s ability to transform objects ordinarily loved by children (stickers, pom-poms, etc.) into beautiful works of art, whose meanings are so difficult to interpret, that your best plan is perhaps to just give up trying to rationalize and enjoy the feeling.

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Makes you want to dive in…

Goran, installing one million silver heart-shaped sequins…

The final result

“Eternal Embrace;” illuminating life’s darkest hour

Jasper Johns meets the 21st century

“Silver And Red”

“All Things In Life”


“Dance Macabre”

Mobile made from hanger wire, beaded flowers, silk, shells, buttons,sequins, and found materials

Goran Tomcic